People, Power, and MMA

Saturday night I watched UFC 203 with my boyfriend. I was pretty excited because I’ve always been a WWE fan and always wanted to get into watching UFC. The past few months I’ve REALLY gotten into it. So, Saturday was special because CM Punk, former WWE superstar and champion, had his first MMA fight. He got his ass beat and I was super embarrased for him but still, it was good stuff. He fought a youngster in the UFC named Mickey Gall who was the favorite because he actually had experience in the sport, where Punk had absolutely none.

What was so interesting to me, and why I chose to write about it, is that at the beginning of the fights, both fighters walk out to a special song. Earlier in the week while I was watching UFC’s vlog leading up to the fight (Embedded), Mickey Gall had a feature where he got a call from UFC’s owner and operator, Dana White, about his walkout song. Mickey wanted to play “Hey Mickey” (which I thought was a pretty cool idea). However, White told him he needed something harder (I was pretty disappointed, as you could imagine).

That was Thursday, tonight when the fight started, Eric and I were interested to see what song he’d walk out to. Lo and behold, it was “Hey Mickey!” We were pumped, but confused, because once Dana White makes a decision, he doesn’t go back on it. The announcers commented on the same thing, but it was their words that caught my attention. There was so much talk and chatter on the internet that wanted Mickey to play the song, that White changed his mind to appease UFC fans. Joe Rogan then said, “People of the internet, you have power.”

The people have the power. 

One of the things that makes the internet so important and such a controlling phenomenon for today’s generations, is that it really shakes up the societal power dynamic. While people of color, people of lower socioeconomic class, people of younger age, and people of the female sex have always had to fight harder to make their ideas known and their voices heard, it’s not as hard anymore with the internet. I can post my opinion, and so can everyone else. As long as it doesn’t break any laws, it generally is accepted and taken seriously (at least in my experience).

This is one of the greatest things about the internet, and the digital environment. Expression in many forms is now free. It’s completely open. That’s not to say that whatever someone writes will go over well with everyone that reads it, but oh well, I’ve never minded riling people up. In the digital environment, it doesn’t matter if everyone agrees or no one does, because those people can’t get to you. I could debate the safety of the internet but in terms of expression, it’s pretty dang free.

Another reason this was so prevalent to me right now is because it’s election year. Just today the other day Eric told me he would not be voting this year because his vote didn’t matter (I love politics so I don’t share this sentiment). Therefore, when I heard Joe Rogan say the people have the power, it hit me hard. In this day and age, how can we as people, and especially we as Americans dispute that we have the power? A vast majority of our days are spent on devices and platforms that give us that absolute power.

Right now people in America think they have to choose between Trump and Clinton (now that’s an MMA fight I’d pay to see) who are indisputably two awful options. However, people who are friends with me on Facebook know those aren’t the only choices. Gary Johnson is an interesting candidate that people know little about because the two party system controls how we choose and how we live. How do I know about him? The internet. How is he spreading his message? The internet. How am I helping him spread that message?

The internet.

The people have the power.

The power to change. The power to revolutionize. The power to express. The power of knowledge.

You in?



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